When Did State Of Survival Release?

How do you get more troops in state of survival?

The best way to increase your overall battle power is to consistently find yourself upgrading your available heroes and the troops in your army.

An important thing to note is that if you’re upgrading troops, it will briefly show that your overall battle power has gone down..

Is state of survival game online?

State of Survival is a Strategy game developed by KingsGroup Holdings. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. … State of Survival is a strategy game meant to be played by hard-hearted people.

Who is Becca in state of survival?

Becca, is one of the main character in State of Survival , 23 years old, daughter of Gigacorp’s former researcher Sy Hoffman. She believes professor Hoffman is still alive and is searching for him. Her rationality and decision-making skills have resulted in her informal election as the leader of the Final Hope.

Can I change state in state of survival?

To move to a state you will need to go to the World Map. Tap on the wilderness icon in the lower if if you are not already in the map view. … Your base will be moved to a random location in this state and it will now be your new home state. You have 2 chances to do this before the 5 days / level 10 is reached.

Is state of survival cross platform?

You can play State of Survival using an Android emulator that will help you in downloading the app and playing the game using it. … Yes, the State of Survival is a cross-platform game, which means that you can play the game with your friends using the same server.

How do I change my name in state of survival?

Choosing a usernameClick on your chief profile picture in the top left. The profile picture of your chief.On the right, you will see “Name” and by default it will be a randomly generated name e.g. Survivor1000.Next to your chief name, you will see an edit button (pencil) where you can choose a name.

Is state of survival good?

State of Survival offers a huge amount of content for an Android game and refuses to be put down. Those who put in the effort will likely find great value.

How do you level up fast in state of survival?

How To raise Battle Power Quickly In State Of SurvivalTo Increase Battle Power, you will need to upgrade your buildings, heroes, and units or research new technologies and level your chief. … Then after that, move on to both Military and economic buildings as these have the most impact on the Battle Power level.More items…•

How do you get stamina in state of survival?

To get more stamina for your Chief for free, you can either level up your Chief, find boosters during hunting events, or get more from daily drops. In order to level your Chief, you will need Chief EXP. You can get Cheif EXP by opening free VP loot crates, doing daily tasks, and completing showdowns.

How do you find players in state of survival?

AppGamer Answered: In the wilderness (map screen) you can tap on any player base and then select ‘View’ to look inside their settlement. You can also go to your alliance menu, select the member tab and then find a member you want to view and select them.