What Is The Opposite Of Omit?

Which word is the opposite of omit?

What is the opposite of omit?confirmcontinuepasspermitremainsanctionstaysupportupholdvalidate17 more rows.

What is the opposite of necessary?

necessary(adj) absolutely essential. Antonyms: supererogatory, extra, inessential, surplus, redundant, superfluous, excess, spare, supernumerary, avertable, evitable, avertible, uncalled-for, needless, gratuitous, unnecessary, unneeded, avoidable.

What is the antonyms of omit?

omit(v) Antonyms: attempt, endeavor, endeavor, essay, strive, try, undertake. Synonyms: abandon, dismiss, drop, give up, let go, neglect, overlook, pass by, throw away, throw over, throw up.

What is another word for omit?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for omit, like: withhold, overlook, except, reject, pass over, pass-by, drop, void, bar, discard and disregard.

What is omit?

transitive verb. 1 : to leave out or leave unmentioned omits one important detail You can omit the salt from the recipe. 2 : to leave undone : fail —The patient omitted taking his medication.

Is Discardment a word?

noun. The action of discarding; rejection, abandonment; an instance of this.

What’s a word for absolutely necessary?

adjective. absolutely necessary, essential, or requisite: an indispensable member of the staff. incapable of being disregarded or neglected: an indispensable obligation.

What part of speech is belligerent?

adjectiveBelligerent, Belligerents, and Belligerence As an adjective, it has two primary meanings, each of which corresponds to the two senses of its noun form.

What is a word for can’t live without?

Indispensable is a strong adjective for something that you couldn’t do without. If you have asthma and you’re packing for summer vacation, your inhaler is indispensable, unless you enjoy gasping on the beach.

What is the opposite of discarded?

Opposite of to throw away (something unwanted or useless) keep. save. store. retain.

What word can replace discarded?

Some common synonyms of discard are cast, junk, scrap, shed, and slough.

What means discarded?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to get rid of especially as useless or unwanted a pile of discarded tires They quickly discarded the idea. 2a : to remove (a playing card) from one’s hand (see hand entry 1 sense 7a(1)) discarded an ace.

How do you use omit in a sentence?

Omit sentence examplesIt is simpler and more respectable to omit it. … When he spoke of the execution he wanted to pass over the horrible details, but Natasha insisted that he should not omit anything. … containing the Apocalypse, 50 to 99 for those which omit it. … Under this head we must not omit to mention A.More items…

How do you remember how do you spell necessary?

For example, the following is a mnemonic for the word ‘necessary’ – ‘one collar and two sleeves’. This mnemonic could help you remember that the word ‘necessary’ has one ‘c’ and two ‘s’s’, which enables you to remember the tricky parts of this spelling. Mnemonics can also be used to remember tricky homophone spellings.