What Are Different Ways To Say Sure?

What is another way to say sure?

sureSynonyms for sure.

assured, certain, clear, cocksure, confident, doubtless, …

Words Related to sure.

self-assured, self-conceited, self-confident.

decisive, resolute, unfaltering, …

Near Antonyms for sure.

hesitant, indecisive, vacillating, wavering.

diffident, unassuming.Antonyms for sure.

doubtful, dubious, uncertain, unsure..

What can I say instead of yes?

yesaffirmative.amen.fine.good.okay.yea.all right.aye.

How do you say yes in a unique way?

Different Ways to Say YESYep.No problem!Yeah.Sure.Definitely.Naturally.You bet!Of course.More items…

How do you say OK in a formal way?

It can be used sometimes in formal conversations, but not in writing. Some words you can use in its place are “acceptable”, “all right”, or “decent”. It mostly depends on the context. If you look up synonyms for “OK”, you can find a lot more ways to say it.

How do you say I’m sure?

I’m sure: the most usual way of saying that you are sure about something: I’m sure she won’t forget – she’s very reliable. I’m positive/I’m certain/I know for a fact (that): a stronger, more emphatic way of expressing certainty: I’m positive I had the keys with me when I left.