Quick Answer: Is The CPCE Exam Hard?

How do I study for the CPCE exam?

NCE/CPCE Study TipsIn preparing to study for the exam, do a pretest, if possible, which covers the same content material which will be on the exam.

Study the different areas on the exam being fully aware that on the NCE some content areas have a lot more questions on the exam than other content areas.More items….

How much does the CPCE cost?

The examination cost per student is $75 for IBT testing and $150 for CBT testing. Schools are responsible for the costs of all examination administration. To learn more about the CPCE or for information about ordering the exam, visit www.cce-global.org, email us at cpce@cce-global.org or call +1 336.217.

What happens after I pass the NCE?

After you pass the NCE and graduate, you have three years to complete and submit documentation of 3,000 hours of counseling work experience and 100 hours of direct counseling supervision completed over a minimum of 24 months. This will be the final step in completing your board certification.

Is the NCE harder than the CPCE?

Both the NCE and CPCE are multiple choice tests (a) through (d). With the NCE it was pretty easy to eliminate two of the four choices leaving only two to really choose from. The CPCE was a bit more difficult.

Do NCE scores expire?

Bear in mind that there is a limit of three years from the date of passing the NCE to complete the requirements for full certification. NBCC will send detailed information and instructions along the way. Remember to save these materials for easy reference during the process.

Can you take the NCE before you graduate?

If you are a student in a participating program, you have a unique opportunity to begin the application process prior to graduation. And while you cannot use the certification mark until you graduate and satisfy all requirements, you can start to enjoy some of the other benefits of national certification.

What is a passing score on the CPCE exam?

90 plusCPCE scores will be available on their Pearson VUE account approximately 1-hour after the exam is completed. The minimum passing score for the CPCE is 90 plus or minus the standard error of the mean. This score may be adjusted from time to time in response to national needs.

Which is harder NCE or Ncmhce?

Did one seem more difficult or easier than the other? Biggest difference is the format. NCE is multiple choice and focused on remembering information and regurgitating it. NCMHCE is more a test of clinical judgment based on clinical knowledge.

How many questions can you miss on the CPCE?

Of the 160 questions on this exam (20 in each of the eight content areas), 24 questions are developmental/experimental and not scored for you. Your highest possible total correct is 136 questions. Subsequently, question is, how do I study for the CPCE exam?

Is the NCE exam difficult?

The National Counselor Exam (NCE) is a very comprehensive examination and can be very overwhelming, especially when you are not prepared for how the instrument is constructed and administered.

How many times can you take the CPCE exam?

QUESTION: If I should not pass the first time, how many times may I retake the exam? ANSWER: A student will be given three opportunities to pass all sections of the CPCE. If the student fails to receive a passing score on their first attempt, they must retake the exam a second time.

What are the requirements to take the NCE exam?

Field experience must total at least six semester hours or ten quarter hours of graduate credit. Two years and 100 hours of counseling supervision from a supervisor who holds a master’s degree or higher. A passing score on the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE).

How many times can you fail the NCE?

What if I failed the exam? You are allowed to test a total of three times in a two-year period before your application closes. If you did not pass, you will receive email instructions on how to register for the next examination. If this was your third failed attempt, your application will close.

How do I prepare for my CPCE?

Studying for the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) is simple and effective with Study.com….Use our full-length CPCE practice tests to enhance your exam prep in the following ways:Study the common-core areas. … Get familiar with the exam’s format. … Learn your strengths. … Enjoy lots of practice.

How soon can you retake the NCE?

three monthsRetest Policy If you fail the exam, you will have to wait at least three months from the test date before you can retest. The actual retest date will depend on the monthly testing schedule and site availability. You will need to send a new registration form and examination fee based upon your state.