Question: What Means Extensive?

What is the meaning of extensive?

1 : having wide or considerable extent extensive reading.

2 : extensional.

3 : of, relating to, or constituting farming in which large areas of land are utilized with minimum outlay and labor..

What does extensive mean in medical terms?

(ĕk-sten′siv) [L. extendere, to stretch out] Widespread. In cancer, widely metastatic.

What are two examples of extensive properties?

Examples of extensive properties include:amount of substance,, E.enthalpy, H.entropy, S.Gibbs energy, G.heat capacity, C. pHelmholtz energy, A or F.internal energy, U.More items…

What does extensive training mean?

Intensive work is anything that you need more than 24 hours to recover from. Extensive work is anything you need less than 24 hours to recover from. By that definition, you can perform extensive work every single day without rest. However, you should still program in load reductions.

How do you use the word extensive?

The restaurant has an extensive menu and daily specials.He possesses an extensive knowledge of banking.Many of the older paintings have undergone extensive restoration.Her knowledge of English grammar is very extensive.The museum offers extensive facilities for study. … The IRA had extensive supplies of arms.More items…•

What are three extensive properties?

Extensive PropertiesVolume.Mass.Size.Weight.Length.

What is another word for extensive experience?

I usually say “extensive knowledge” about something, but you could also say “comprehensive” knowledge or experience, or perhaps “considerable” experience or knowledge.

What is extensive damage?

1 having a large extent, area, scope, degree, etc.; vast. extensive deserts, an extensive inheritance. 2 widespread. extensive coverage in the press.

What is the meaning of extensive property?

An extensive property is a property that depends on the amount of matter in a sample. Mass and volume are examples of extensive properties. … Color, temperature, and solubility are examples of intensive properties.

Which one of the following is extensive property?

Pressure, volume and temperature are all extensive properties.

What is another word for extensive?

SYNONYMS FOR extensive 1 extended, large, spacious, ample, vast.

What is extensive knowledge?

When something is far-reaching or expansive it is extensive. When your friend knows every single place and time that his favorite band has played any given song, he has extensive knowledge of that band. Use the adjective extensive for something that goes on and on and on.

What is extensive research?

Intensive. DEEP Support. The broad difference between extensive and intensive needs assessment is that extensive research uses a large number of cases to determine the characteristics of a population, while intensive research examines one or a few cases in depth to understand cause and effect.

What’s the opposite of extensive?

Antonyms: incomprehensive, noncomprehensive, small, intensive, little. Synonyms: wide, extended, blanket(a), broad, across-the-board, encompassing, all-embracing, panoptic, all-inclusive, all-encompassing.

What word best replaces extensive?

Synonyms & Antonyms of extensivebroad,deep,expansive,extended,far-flung,far-reaching,rangy,sweeping,More items…