Question: What Is Another Word For Enforce?

What is the root word of impose?

The adjective imposed comes from the Latin imponere, “to place upon, to inflict or deceive.” An imposed tax is one placed upon you by law.

The English word comes by way of the Middle French verb imposer, meaning “to lay a burden.” So if you are imposed upon by an unwanted guest, you’ll have to endure an imposed visit..

What does imposing on someone mean?

To impose means to force or inflict something on someone else. If you want to impose your musical taste on your parents, play your tunes all day at top volume. The verb impose emerged in the 1580s, meaning “to lay on as a burden,” which is very similar to the modern meaning.

What are two synonyms for the word impose?

What word or words go with imposing?

Imposing Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for imposing?augustgrandHomericimperialloftymagnificmagnificentmassivemonumentalnoble226 more rows

What is the meaning of impose?

to lay on or set as something to be borne, endured, obeyed, fulfilled, paid, etc.: to impose taxes. to put or set by or as if by authority: to impose one’s personal preference on others.

What is Obtrude?

transitive verb. 1 : to thrust out : extrude. 2 : to force or impose (oneself, one’s ideas, etc.) without warrant or request.

How do you use impose?

Impose sentence examples”They impose on the people,” he repeated. … Power to impose customs and excise duties to be in the Federal government and parliament.More items…

What is another word for imposing?

Some common synonyms of imposing are grandiose, grand, magnificent, majestic, and stately.

What is a antonym for impose?

impose. Antonyms: remove, disburden. Synonyms: lay, inflict, fix, set, place, enjoin.