Question: What Army Regulation Covers Flipl?

What is a Flipl?


The Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) system is designed to establish an authorized method for relief from property accountability and responsibility.

Chapter 13 of AR 735-5 sets forth the rules for investigating the loss, damage or destruction of government property..

What army regulation gives detailed instructions on conducting a financial liability investigation for property loss Flipl?

Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss, or FLIPL, is the procedure the Army uses to recover the cost of lost or damaged property. Under Army Regulation 735-5, financial liability ordinarily will not exceed one month?’s base pay.

How many types of loads are maintained at the unit level?

three typesLoads are a quantity of durable and expendable supplies kept by units to sustain their operations. Loads of Class VI, VII, and X will not be kept. There are generally three types of loads. These are: basic loads, operational loads, and prescribed loads.

What army regulation covers supply?

Commanders must ensure that supervisory, direct, and custodial responsibilities are carried out in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 735-5, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability, para 2-8. The CSDP helps standardize supply discipline and ensures compliance with DA supply policy and procedures.

What is Army CSDP?

The Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) is a commander’s program that. directs supply discipline throughout the Army. Commanders have the responsibility and. authority to ensure proper supply discipline is exercised throughout their organizations.

What are non expendable items?

Items which are not consumed in use and which retain their original identity during the period of use, such as weapons, and which normally require further accounting.

What are the 5 types of responsibility?

This is your personal responsibility as company commander….Command. A commander is responsible for all property within his command.Supervisory. … Direct. … Custodial. … Personal.

How long is an army hand receipt good for?

Comments. DA 2062 is good for 6 months a DA 3161 is only good for 1 month unless this is used as an issuing document. To which the item is moved onto a sub hand receipt, the DA 3161 remains on file until the hand receipt is signed.

What is a supply support activity?

A Supply Support Activity (SSA), formerly known as a Direct Support Unit (DSU) warehouse or Class IX warehouse, is the retail level warehouse where customer units receive their repair parts. To put it in simple terms, the SSA is like the Auto Zone or Pep Boys of the Army.

What army regulation covers property accountability?

Army Regulation 735-5Additionally, Army Regulation 735-5, “Property Accountability, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability,” May 30, 2013, states that property accountability must be continuous from the time of acquisition to the ultimate consumption or disposal of the property.

What army regulation covers change of command inventory?

Army Regulation (AR) 735-5, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability covers your responsibilities, but this arti- cle describes, in layman’s terms, the types of property, responsibilities of in- coming and outgoing commanders, and tips to help you conduct a successful in- ventory.

What are the three types of Army property?

Terms in this set (37)Nonexpendable.Expendable property.Durable.