Question: How Do You Pitch Afar Magazine?

How do you pitch to outside magazines?

To pitch a feature story, you can send it to the appropriate channel (Adventure, Health, Travel, Culture, or Gear) or email

So if you want your travel escapades to be featured in the magazine, send in your story to along with your name and place of residence under the subject line: The Readers’ Issue.

How do I get paid to travel and write?

As far as dream jobs go, getting paid to write about travel is pretty darn sweet.The Expeditioner. … My Itchy Travel Feet. … Matador Network. … Great Escape Publishing. … Fund Your Life Overseas E-Letter. … Listverse. … Escapees Magazine. … Pathfinders Travel Magazine.More items…

What should be in a magazine pitch?

How to Pitch an ArticleGet right to the point. Let your potential editor know what they’re getting right at the top. … Provide a hook. … Make it easy to contact you. … Link to writing samples. … Offer a proposed deadline alongside your article idea. … Wait a few weeks, then follow up if you don’t hear back.

How do you pitch an essay?

How to Pitch a Personal Essay in 7 StepsWrite a good cover letter. … Pitch a story. … Submit to the right places. … Pay attention to submission guidelines. … Have a catchy subject line. … Tailor your full draft. … Include your bio.

Is Outside magazine still publishing?

Wednesday, the publication, which has offices in Boulder and New York City but counts Santa Fe as its headquarters, confirmed to SFR that it will cut back publication of its print magazine from 11 issues to eight times a year. It will continue its summer and winter outdoor gear buyer’s guides.