Question: How Do You Become A Top Rated Seller On EBay?

What is the difference between Top Rated Seller and PowerSeller on eBay?

A proudly displayed Top Rated Seller badge.

Top Rated Sellers: eBay sellers at this level don’t have to have as large volume of sales as an eBay PowerSeller, but they face stricter customer service requirements.

Top Rated Seller Plus: Only the sellers who fully commit to their businesses get this status..

What is the earning requirement for top rated Fiverr seller?

Top Rated Seller Here’s which requirements they have to meet: Complete at least 180 days as an active Seller on Fiverr. Complete at least 100 individual orders (all time) Earn at least $20,000.

What is my eBay seller rating?

A seller’s feedback score is displayed as a percentage beneath their username on their listings. If a seller has a score of 99.5%, it means that 99.5% of the buyers who left feedback for them had a positive experience. You’ll also see a seller’s star rating as a number in brackets next to their username.

What happens if eBay seller sends wrong item?

If the seller sends you the wrong item it is their responsibility to pay for return postage. … If they don’t agree to pay for their mistake then open a case and they’ll be forced to pay for the return. Use this as a last resort though, the seller may not understand what happened and we don’t enjoy eBay on our backs.

What does Top Rated Seller on eBay mean?

outstanding customer serviceBecoming a Top Rated Seller indicates that you consistently deliver outstanding customer service; it also makes you eligible to receive a prominent Top Rated Plus seal on qualifying listings. To become a Top Rated Seller, you’ll need to: Have an eBay account that’s been active for at least 90 days.

What is the top rated seller discount?

The Top Rated Plus seal, displayed prominently in search results and your listing description. A 10% discount on final value fees.

What happens if an eBay return is not refunded on time?

If you don’t refund them, the buyer can ask eBay to step in for up to 10 business days after the refund deadline. If the buyer doesn’t ask eBay to step in within 30 days of starting a request for return (or other deadlines for refunds), the request will close automatically.

Are top rated sellers on eBay trustworthy?

An eBay seller is generally trustworthy if they have a high feedback score and a high percentage of positive feedback on eBay. However, be sure to look at how much positive, neutral, and negative feedback overall they’ve received from other eBay users. Also, judge this against how many orders they’ve completed.

How many defects are you allowed on eBay?

one defectWe don’t count more than one defect per transaction.

How do I increase eBay defect rate?

Your defect rate is a percentage. The only way to reduce that percentage is to increase the number of transactions, or wait for the defect points to roll off of your evaluation timeframe. And as noted, make sure not to repeat any decisions that got you the ones you already have.

Do Returns count against you on eBay?

Sellers are not judged by the number of returns they accept but are judged by the number of return requests they refuse. start today yes, counts now.

What happens if you dont refund a buyer on eBay?

If you don’t refund the buyer within 10 days, they can file a claim through the eBay Money Back Guarantee. … If the item is damaged, faulty, or doesn’t match the listing description, they’re covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee, and you’ll have to refund them or replace the item, even if you don’t offer returns.

What is a Top Rated Plus seller on eBay?

Top Rated/Top Rated Plus – This means that you belong to an eBay elite and provide the highest of customer service when compared with your peers while meeting the minimum sales requirements.

What is defect rate on eBay?

Transaction Defect Rate: The transaction defect rate is the percentage of your total transactions that had any 1 of 2 defects. Note that these defects often measure how satisfied your buyers were with a transaction. eBay doesn’t count more than 1 defect per transaction.

What are eBay minimum performance standards?

Your seller’s performance has to meet performance standards requirements on eBay. You’ll need to: Have at least 100 transactions and $1 000 in sales with US buyers over the past 12 months. Have a maximum percentage of transactions with defects (including transactions cancelled by seller) — 0.5%

What percent of eBay sellers are top rated?

What does it mean to be a Top Rated Seller on eBay?A maximum 0.5% of transactions with one or more transaction-related defects for last 3 months.Less than 0.30% of Money Back Guarantee and PayPal Purchase Protection cases closed without seller resolution.Less than 3% of transactions with late shipping.More items…•

What does a purple star on eBay mean?

Turquoise star: 100 feedback points. Purple star: 500 feedback points. Red star: 1,000 feedback points. Green star: 5,000 feedback points. Yellow shooting star: 10,000 feedback points.

How do you get top rated plus?

To qualify for Top Rated Plus benefits, you need to be a Top Rated seller and your eligible listings need to:Provide a 14-day (or longer) money-back return policy (30 days starting May 1, 2016)Provide same- or 1-business-day handling time.

How long do defects stay on eBay account?

12 monthsDefects don’t last forever. They only stay 12 months on your account whereupon they are automatically removed by Ebay. If you have defects over 12 months old, you need to contact customer services about it. The defect stays on your account, it just isn’t counted from the 20th of the 13th month following the defect.

What does a power seller on eBay mean?

PowerSellers are eBay sellers that have maintained high sales volume for a nominal period of time while managing to also maintain reasonable customer service standards. … $3,000 in U.S. sales volume over the past 12 months, and. 100 transactions over the past 12 months with feedback 98% positive or better.

What does eBay Blue Star mean?

Blue star ( ) = 50 to 99 ratings. Turquoise star ( ) = 100 to 499 ratings. Purple star ( ) = 500 to 999 ratings. Red star ( ) = 1,000 to 4,999 ratings. Green star ( ) = 5,000 to 9,999 ratings.

Can a buyer close a return request?

Buyers can close the return request. There is a option or tab for buyers to close the case. Depending on what the buyer open the return case under.

How do you become a premium seller on eBay?

Becoming a Top Rated Seller indicates that you consistently deliver outstanding customer service, and also makes you eligible to receive a prominent eBay Premium Service badge on qualifying listings. To become a Top Rated Seller you’ll need to: Have an eBay account that’s been active for at least 90 days.